Adriano Zanoni
Adriano Zanoni al lavoro
2012 Now in 2012 the predictions are better than expected because Adriano produces prototypes that run in “important” championships. New updates soon!
2010 The same winter we reconstruct the motorcycle and we get the second place in the Ducati Challeger with the pilot Walter Bartolini. The same team wins the Italian SuperTwins Champioship 2011 with the same upgraded motorcycle.
2009 Adriano works with GPM on the construction of the new bike for the Ducati Challenger Championship, but it was stolen the day before the Speed-Week at Pannonia Ring.
2003-07 during this period, production is focused on old motorcycles with particular reference to DUCATI.
2003 production of 5 models, replica of the historical DUCATI IMOLA of 1972's 200 miles, prepared with 900 cc modern engine.
2000 Taraky's interest moves on classic and old motorcycles.
1987-99 production focus on customs and choppers including dragsters that take part to IDRA organization championships.
1987 production of a dragster moto, 490 YAMAHA two-cycle engine, with performances superior to 500 cc 4 cylinders.
1985-87 Taraky Racing is engaged in a huge production of customs.
1985 production of a two YAWA speedway engines moto DRAGSTER.
1983 Jimmy Adamo wins Daytona BOT with GPM cycling.
1981-83 Taraky Racing produces, under GPM specifications, the famous diamond frames for TT2 cathegories with capacity 600 cc and with F1 750 engine for Endurance cathegory.
1980 a Taraky racing prototype,with DUCATI 125 two-cycle engine wins the regional championship.
1979 Taraky Racing opens.
1977 cross frames prototypes in Aprilia.
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