immagine immagine TT-F1

Made from Mr Bertagnin of Padua with Taraky Racing chassis and swingarm 851-KIT.

immagine immagine Ducati Replica TT1 900 cc (2006)

SS 900 documents.
Bike for historical manifestation.

immagine immagine 3DF

Our project realized in about 10 pieces.
(project no longer owned by us)

immagine immagine 750-SS

Replica 750-SS with round engine crankcase made to the rough in our workshop.

immagine immagine Betac SFC-750

Construction of the frame and swingarm in only two samples with construction of one motorcycle.

immagine immagine TT-F1 Redfox

TT-F1 frame with its swingarm made on behalf of Redfox Belgium.
Bike used in the Classic Endurance European Championship.

immagine immagine TT-F1

Dedicated to the technical Ducati Franco Farnè to remember him as long as possible.
Motorized Ducati 998 S-4 valves.

immagine immagine B-King

Lengthening and widening of the swingarm Suzuki B-King to mount wheels 300 mm.

immagine immagine Dragster

Aluminum frame for Piaggio engine powered with rotating disk.

immagine immagine Chopper HD 883

Chopper rigid frame with Indian type fork with two front discs.

immagine immagine GPM TT2

One of the twelve frames made for Piero Gianesin "GPM" 1981-1983.

immagine immagine GPM Supertwins

Frame in 25CrMo4 tube built for GPM in just three examples. Aluminum swingarm.

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